Journey Through My BackYard On Monday Morning

I had to take out the garbage this morning because it’s Monday, that means garbage pickup in East Van. I brought the digital camera along for the journey through my backyard and snapped a few pictures of the plants living back there in BackYardville. I just love making my backyard looks nice, it’s a nice calming feeling for me to relax in my backyard with nice colorful flowers and nicely trimmed green shrubs and plants and really green grass . I never thought I would care much about that type of thing, but I guess things change as you mature. I have a real appreciation for keeping my yard and landscaped tidy and looking fresh. If you would ever see my grass you would think you were at a golf course (no joke). I have no weeds (pulled them out 5 months ago) and the grass is soo green and vibrant (yea I use fertilizer on it).  My yard looks prefessionally landscaped, haha. I am pretty anal about how my house looks, and my truck and almost everythng. It’s almost a sickness, lol. Well not that bad but….

Why Early Blogging?

I’m stuck at home because  my wife has a kink in her neck ( her neck is as stiff as a board, sucks) and we need to make an appointment to see Doctor Wong this morning. Unfortunately her doctor isn’t in yet, so we have to sit tight. I should have been at coffee shop right now but things change. And that is why I am posting at such an early hour  (9:30 am Monday morning).

Backyard flowers

flower close-up

Orange flower - East Vancouver

close-up of orange flower in my backyard

Green tomatoes in my backyard East Van

Green tomatoes in my backyard East Van

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