Get Discouraged, But Then Get Right Back At It

Sometimes you come out  with a great idea, and you think it will take off. What happens if it doesn’t happen? Well this just happened to me, so now I need to find another way to make it happen. I am always trying new niches and ways to make money online, and sometimes it just doesn’t work. When this happens I have to admit I get bummed out, who wouldn’t?

I usually take a break then plan another way to attack it, it usually works to some degree. Affiliate marketing is all about trying new things out, because you don’t really know what will take off and work until you get in and try it.  The people who make the most money are the guys that have the balls to try new things. Sitting on the sidelines and being happy with what you have is great, but I like to expand.

Making money is like a game to me, it’s a challenge to see how far I can “push the envelope”. Sure I could be happy with what I am bringing in and I am, but I know I can bring even more. I will bring in more one way or another, I’m not too worried but I do get discouraged from time to time.

The reason for this post, hmm I’m not 100% sure. I think I just needed a 1 minute break from the “situation”, then I can think clearly and go balls out again.

PS: Don’t be one of those people who sits on the sidelines because your scared to fail. You should know that by sitting on the sidelines you have already failed YOURSELF. It’s easy to sit on the couch and watch reality shows, but do you have the courage to make something happen for yourself?

* Never give up, failure is only a state of mine. You are what you think you are, change your attitude and be a winner.

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