572/574 Magnus Ave 4Plex Is Finally Gone

Finally, finally! The psycho tenant from my Winnipeg 4plex is out tonight, just got the confirmation from realtor in Winnipeg! I am soooo glad to FINALLY get rid of that money pit, I can’t even put into words. Even though I lost on that real estate deal, I know selling it was a wise decision.  Now I can start buying real estate again.

I haven’t bought anything because I wanted that piece of property gone before I committed to anymore real estate deals. I can now clear my head and move on to better things.  Thank you universe!  smily face smily face smily face smily face


3 thoughts on “572/574 Magnus Ave 4Plex Is Finally Gone

  1. Holymotherofgod

    Ha! The downtown of The Peg. Right now I’m working with Tim Burns from remax but have worked with Bachman & Assoc to buy my own place. Definitely lots of places around Cathedral/ Burrows/ etc to check out. The duplexes (and 4plexes) are great income though. Saw a nice one yesterday on Arthur with excellent revenue potential (listed by Tim) Have you since invested again??

  2. admin Post author

    I haven’t invested since, I was waiting for the deal to close which it did just last week! I am planning on buying condos here in the Vancouver area so I can manage them myself, the right away!

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