Land Rush USA – Ozzie Jurock Seminar On Investing In US Real Estate

As I mentioned in a previous post that Ozzie Jurock was investing and offering investment properties in the Phoenix, Arizona area. Personally investing in the USA at this point does make perfect sense. First off you have the low US dollar, along with discounted real estate. Those 2 factors combined together make it worth taking a really close look at.

I am subscribed to Ozzie Jurock’s “Facts By Email”, the price is $300 per year and personally I think it’s worth every cent. He holds a few local real estate conferences per year  and he has one coming up in September called Land Rush USA that I will definitely be attending (free of charge to email suscribers). I trust Ozzie Jurock, and I think it will be very informing to all use Vancouverites who are used to paying over $600,000 for a 50 year old home. Personally I am tired of the retarded prices in the city.

Here is a quick except from the email:

With the continuous barrage of questions about investing in the USA, JREI has decided to do a full day Land Rush conference on September 6, 2008 at the Marriott Pinnacle Hotel downtown … 9 am – 3 pm. There is less risk in falling markets and resounding opportunity, but there are pitfalls. We will have 5 speakers with different expertise – from accounting/tax issues to regional variances. Topics on foreclosure and auctions as well as areas to stay away from and areas to buy in will be covered. THINK OUTSIDE THE BORDER. An entire day devoted to issues and opportunities in the US real estate market. THIS IS NOT REAL ESTATE OUTLOOK 2009 WHICH WILL BE HELD ON OCTOBER 4th AS PLANNED. This is a separate US focused event. Tickets are $97. You will be happy to know that FULL subscribers are free, Facts by Email subscribers will be $30. All guests of all subscribers will also be charged $30. MUST be pre-paid. Please register by August 18 … or your seat may be gone. For more information, display booth opportunities, etc. call Marc at 604-683-1111.

Anyone else going?


random photos of English Bay again (2nd time I have been down there this week)


English Bay /Pacific Ocean downtown Vancouver


English Bay /Pacific Ocean downtown Vancouver

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