Work? No Not Today, I’m Playing Hooky

Some days I would rather do jack, as in nothing. Today I went to “my office” (Burnaby Public Library) to work on my pay per click campaigns. I managed to get work done then a mild headache got a hold of me. The headache was enough to to irritate me that I didn’t feel like working. I headed home, my wife and kids are out and now I have the full house to myself. I was hoping they would be home but oh well.

I made a few phone calls and here I am blogging, while I wait for my newest downloaded movie (Hero Wanted) to get burned onto DVD. Hero Wanted stars Ray Liotta and Cuba Gooding Jr., two great actors in my opinion. Apparently the movie isn’t the greatest, from some reviews I have read but many times I don’t agree the review that I have read so whatever.

You have to love those torrent sites, you can get anything you want in no time. Oops I mean they are good for the people who use them, I would never do something like that. Pay for your DVDs! smily face


Random photos TAKEN with my Canon SD 750, while I waited for my DVD to burn

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