Some Random Images I Took in Vancouver/Burnaby

A few random photos I have taken the last little while. Gotta love digital cameras, especially Canon SD750! Clear, bright images every single time.

Remember a blog is a place to put whatever you want, it doesn’t need to make sense or follow any type of agenda. This is my outlet, the last thing I want is a “make money online blog” or ANYTHING related to work. I keep it personal so I can get things off of my chest. I love to ramble on about nothing, it’s what I do best. Thanks for listening, now go to bed…


Stefania back of Nonno (Grandpa) Joe’s house

close up of potatoe plants in Burnaby

Potato plants in Nonno (Grandpa) Joe’s Garden in Burnaby

Retarded Hare Krisha\'s on Robson Street Vancouver

Retarded Hare Krishnas on Robson Street Vancouver

Looks like a fight waiting to happen?

Matteo future soccer player

Future soccer player Baby Matteo sporting the Italian Soccer Colors

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