When The Power Fails All Boredom Breaks Loose

So yesterday was my basic day get up then bike ride to the coffee shop, come back, eat dinner blah, blah, blah. Last night I get home and notice the alarm was acting funny, the yellow “trouble” was on. The last time theĀ  “trouble” light came on was when we got back from Mexico to notice our home had been broken into. Last night was a different reason………

I looked around and everything was secured (no forced entry), so that was cool. I asked the neighbour if she had power, nope. Apparently there was a big B-A-N-G around 3:35 PM and then the power faded into the sunset. Personally I think a transformer blew and that is the big bang that sounded like World War 3.


I was like “sh*t now what am I going to do?”. I figured I would be a good husband, since the power was out and clean up, I would vacuum the floors. Um, vacuums need electricity you cluck. OK I guess no vacuuming for me then.

Actually anything that I wanted to do I needed electricity:

  1. Pour myself a glass of cold filtered water, electricity is needed to power the fridge that has the water purifier built into it. Doh!
  2. Check my email, um yeah obviously electricity is needed once again.
  3. Weed eat the back yard since I can’t do the above, oops you need electrical power again bud!

Anywho the list went on of all the things I thought I couldn’t do. I figured I would call BC Hydro (on my cell phone, cause my land line is DEAD) and see what the hell was going on. I got an automated response on the phone with BC Hydro with a message stating they “are aware of the situation and power would be back at 7 PM”.

I get off the phone with BC Hydro and my wife calls asking if I want a precooked BBQ chicken from Superstore. Little did she know that we had no way to cook food and actually the food in the freezer was slowly defrosting. So yeah I want the precooked bird!!

Long story short, I kinda forgot how much we ALL rely on power. It’s pretty scary how life would be without it. Personally I think I have would started rioting on Rupert Street, here in East Vancouver and looting the 7-11 if the power wasn’t on by 11 PM . Oh and the power estimate was off a little, the power came back at 10:15 PM.

Let me tell you how boring it is to have candles lit up, no TV, and watch precious daylight disappear only to be surrounded by dead silence and blackness. Yuck! BC Hydro, you bastards owe me a Friday night!

** PS: We went to the mall to keep ourselves occupied until the power was supposed to come back on.

brentwood mall

Brentwood mall

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