Monday Ramblings On Labor Day

I wish all you assh*les with the blog comment spamming software would get lost. It’s completely useless to spam this blog or any Word Press blog as they have built spam detection. That is my rant for today.

So today is officially Labor Day across North America (not sure about the rest of the world). Seeing that I work for myself holidays don’t mean too much, however I usually take them off and chill. It’s also the last day of the PNE here in Vancouver. I will be heading out to the Pacific National Exhibition¬†with my family this afternoon (even though it’s freezing could out today!).

My Duracell 4GB flash drive died today, it kept saying that I had to format it but when I tried it wouldn’t do it.

I had some data on the Duracall USB drive but luckily I upload my data information to a web server every day, so no big deal. Anywho I bought a new Kingston 8 GB for $20 from Future Shop this morning. I hope this USB flash drive lasts longer than the Durcacell flash drive.

That’s about it, have a good one….


2 shots taken at Renfew school

confused & dazed at Renfrew school

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