Weekend Ramblings & Goals For The Next Week

Moving my sites over to the new LiquidWeb hosting has been a pain, and I haven’t even tried to transfer this blog over yet. I have never transferred a blog over from one web host to another. I found a few tutorials that should make it pretty easy to move this blog with ease.

For the next week I have a few goals that I want to achieve:

  1. I am going to implement the free pay per click tracking software called Prospero202, so I can cut wasted clicks that don’t convert into buyers. A penny saved is a penny earned, if I cut my pay per click costs that is money in my pocket. Why spend more than I need to, seems silly.
  2. I plan to add to my daily pay per click budget to maximize the amount of clicks I am receiving from my current pay per click campaigns. If you are maxing out your daily budget my 12pm , then you are loosing money for no reason.
  3. I will be expanding more into the niche that is making me the most money. I was trying a few other niches with some success, but it’s always smartest to expand into an area that you are already an expert in. There is less to learn if you already have experience in that market, and your chances of making more money in the same niche is quite high since you are already successful in it.
  4. I will try to lower some bids on certain ad groups to get the best return for the money I spend.


Fresh carrots from Whole Foods In West Vancouver

Carrots in the produce section at Whole Foods in The West Vancouver Village

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