I Sold My Winnipeg Duplex

Well, finally one of my properties in Winnipeg has been sold, the duplex that was fire damaged has been sold for $28,000. Am I happy to sell it , yes. Am I happy about the price, yes and no. I am just glad to be rid of that place. I originally bought the duplex for $52,000 and I would have made a small profit but then arson ruined any hope of that ever happening. Yeah, I lost money it sucks but it’s time to move on to other things. I lost about $20,000 but nothing I can do about it. You live and learn. Ask Donald Trump how much he lost in the early 1990s, it’s all part of the game. smily face

Now I need to get rid of the 4plex, so  I can purchase a condo property here in Vancouver, that I will manage so no more bullshit problems. On to the next deal, bada boom!

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