Wasting Time Online, My Solution To Poor Time Management

[ad]Somtimes getting away from the computer is the best way to get work done. I’m the kind of guy who needs to be dragged of the computer most times, call me a little bit obsessive I guess? But lately it seemsI would get on the computer in the morning at 7 am but by the end of the day what did I accomplish? Well, I felt I wasn’t doing much with my day, reading too many blogs, checking my stats too much, checking email every 5 minutes, blah, blah, blah. Bottom line it’s way to easy to get distracted online, the internet is basically one big distraction really.

The problem with working online is that the distraction is alway right in front of you, lol. To get over the amount of time I waste I am changing my routine around. First off, no blog posts until after 5 pm, so that way I have had tons of time during the day to do “real work”. This blog is a distraction but it’s fun. Second before I actually sit down I have a goal in mind that day, I don’t sit down unless I have something in mind to do. At the forefront of my mind is how can I make more money, how can I optimize that campaign better, how can i get more traffic? Thinking about these questions leads to a more productive way of thinking, which forces me to focus on making money. This leads to less time wasted in front of the computer, simple fact.

The bottom line

Basically I am training my brain to focus on ways to expand my income and make more money online all the time. I try not to give my mind free time to wander and waste time. I bet I could work 3 hours and get just as much done as I would in a regular 8 hour day, crazy but very true.

Now that I have 2 kids I need to have better time management, I can’t just sit here all day and night for 15 hours every day of the week Monday thru Sunday. That isn’t fair to my kids or my wife, this is also a reason I need to focus more. I don’t want to be the dad that is “always working”, and never has time for his kids. The reason I work is so I can provide a great life and stable future for my kids and wife. What’s the point in working if I never spend time with them? Life is about family, not money. Money is supposed to be there to pay for your life, money shouldn’t be your life.

How much time do you think you waste in a given day? Leave a comment I’m interested to know your thoughts, as well as tips you use to stay on track.


6 thoughts on “Wasting Time Online, My Solution To Poor Time Management

  1. Barb

    Excellent post C! I couldn’t agree more with trying to have a daily plan and not get sidetracked. The Four Hour workweek has been a great incentive to focus more on working hard when I work and taking time to play. The thought process to know what to do is easy – putting it all in to practice is what takes discipline.

  2. admin Post author

    Hey Barb,

    Yeah I agree it’s tough to follow all the time. When I see myself slipping I kick myself in the ass so I’m on track again. One way to get more work done is to wake up before everyone else if possible). That helps if you have family distractions. I know you know what I’m talking about, lol.

  3. John

    Nice post, I agree with what your saying.

    I do a few things to help me spend less time working. took some good tips from fourhourworkweeek

    I only check my email twice a day

    I also have it setup so when I check my email I’m also checking my voicemail and physical mail (snail mail) all from my email inbox.

    Most importantly any long repetitive task I assign to my assistant from getfriday.com. The assistant allows me to execute my ideas faster and with less effort on my end.

    below is how I am able to check voicemail and snail mail from my email inbox
    grandcentral.com for voicemail to email

    earthmail for snail mail to email (love this company, best thing Ive even signed up for)

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