The Top 10 Mob Movies According To Me

[ad]There hasn’t been a really good Mafia movie in a looong time. Now the Sopranos is over I need to get my mafia fix dammit! I know the Mafia in reality are scumbags, the shit they do is horrible to regular people. But, somehow however I almost wish the Mob in NYC was still big. Since all the FBI crackdowns in the 1980’s and 1990’s they have gone underground, and have been ratted on by other Mafia members. In one way it’s a shame. I sort of thought of them as modern day Robin Hood’s.

The U.S. government does enough fucked up shit daily in Iraq and countless other places in the world, and I kind of liked it when Mafia bosses like John Gotti got off. It’s like he was the voice for the regular people, in some sick twisted way. He did what most of us would never be able to or want to do I hope, lol. Somehow the American Mafia was standing up to big brother, they broke the rules and they didn’t care. And don’t tell me the U.S government are clean, they are the BIGGEST Mafia in the world, PIECES OF SHIT & SCUMBAGS.


These are my top 10 favorite Mafia movies of all times

  1. Casino
  2. GoodFellas
  3. Donnie Brasco
  4. ScarFace (not really mafia related but it’s awesome)
  5. GodFather 1
  6. GodFather 2
  7. GodFather 3
  8. The Untouchables
  9. Heat (not Mafia but Pacino & DeNiro together are amazing)
  10. Bronx Tale (again not 100% mob flick but had the NY Italian vibe, very cool flick)

What is your favorite Mafia movie of all time?


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