The Changing Face Of My Street, Normandy Drive

While I was working on my computer from home I heard what sounded like a house being torn down… Surprise 2 houses away from me there are 2 houses in a row ready to get torn down, I got the first one on camera. The second house will go down 3 days from now. It’s amazing how many old homes have been torn down since I moved into this neighbourhood, the place looks like a new subdivision now.

Once they complete a home here it will sell for over a million dollars, welcome to Vancouver real estate.

Enjoy the destruction…

the salvaged the aluminum gutters for scrap metal…

I see a toilet…

another one bites the dust, the green home next to this pile of ruble is theĀ  next to go in 3 days.

2 thoughts on “The Changing Face Of My Street, Normandy Drive

  1. VancityAllie

    I know, right.. ! Vancouver real estate is ridiculous.


    One day I’ll own a house.

    Seeing those demolition pics are pretty cool.. look at all the stuff that goes into the walls!

  2. CV Post author

    Yeah it’s a little different than the usual sunsets and landscape pictures I have been taking.. Las Vegas has brand new town houses going for about $95,000 (compared to Vancouver…). Vancouver is way overpriced. Sigh is right..

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