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Weight Loss Update

Well I’m still on my weight loss goal, I am down to 183.5 lbs, not bad, but could be better. I am eating fruit after 8 pm and some peanuts to calm my hunger, lol. Basically I am doing the Atkins diet, but not as extreme as how the diet is done. I still have carbs, but no junk food, no pop, no pasta, little bread. I do eat cheese, all types of meats, fruits, nuts and everything else.

I am down to 183.5 lbs now[ad#ad-1]

I Lost 3 lbs – Down To 185 lbs From 188

[ad]I’m happy to say my weight loss is coming along nicely, lost 3 pounds since I started. The goal is to loose 13lbs by June , 2008. I have another 10lbs to go. I have basically stopped eating chips, crackers, coke, (cut down on breads, pasta, potato chips by 90%). I try not to eat after dinner but if I do I go with something that won’t make me gain weight. I try to eat fruits, carrots, celery, walnuts, almonds basically non carb or sugar foods. I still have coffee with sugar, and I go to Tim Hortons but I will slow down the Tim Hortons coffee as well.

Basically the weight loss program I am using it the Atkins Diet, however I still have carbs but I cut down 90% of my carbohydrate intake. So this is a healthier version of the Atkins Diet.

Really, it’s not too difficult to loose weight (for me anyways) if you know how to eat. Obviously I should be excercising as well and with the weather warming up it will be easier to be motivated to go out for walks, yard work etc.

The reason I am blogging about my weight loss is so I can keep track of my progess, and writing down my weight loss makes me committed to reaching my goals. Remember, the law of attraction, what you focus on expands. I am focusing on loosing 13 lbs (3 of which are gone already), and believe me it will happen.

Lost 3 lbs

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On another note it’s time I loose a few pounds. I plan on taking a photo of myself in the next day or so and posting it on my blog, we can compare results in 4-5 weeks and see how much weight I have lost. How am I going to drop my weight, easy.

Quick Way That I Personally Have Lost Weight

  1. Don’t each munchies after dinner, except for carrots, celery and a few almonds
  2. No eating out at all
  3. Watch carbs very closely
  4. Walk some more
  5. No pop (coke, soda, blah, blah , blah)

Right now my weight is lbs, so my goal is to drop. I have lost weight before then it crept back up after awhile. I’m not huge or anything but I hate having the double chin, looks lame on me. I wasn’t meant for 2 chins, so 1 has to go. I’m at 188 lbs and I promise you it will come down to 175 lbs.  I will loose 13 lbs by June 7th, but I think even sooner. I will blog about my weight loss when I feel there is something to share.

That’s all for tonight people.