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Live From East Van

It looks like April is starting to shape up, lets all bow down to Mother Nature. It has seriously been the longest winter EVER. I am soo ready to dump my hoodie and Puma track pants for shorts and a t shirt, you have no clue. Tomorrow night I’m going to go to the infamous Number 5 Orange in the downtown East Side. The Number 5 is a huge dump but only 1 of 3 strip bars left in the city of Vancouver. It’s a dying industry (or an industry that isn’t allowed to get their permits renewed after they come up for renewal), I’m not sure which one it is.

Hey’ I’m still a guy, just because I have a blog it doesn’t make me some angel.  Keep your opinions to yourself, blah! Enough for today, I don’t have much to say. I just wanted to upload my photos to Motion Groove.

Today I’m going to work from home, not the library. It’s too nice to be in the library all day long. I want to clean up the back yard a bit, sweep the garage and fertilize the grass. Now doesn’t that sound like fun? You know you want to do it to… Yeah, right!

“Life is full of stop signs and green lights. Make sure you view every situation as a green light to move forward into your journey of life…”

That’s all folks.

The little man turned 1 year old on Friday. Happy birthday little buddy.

Dirty face needs some cleaning…

The old man (me) doing my 15 minute walk home from Renfrew Library

Shadow man – self photograph in the grass at my mother in laws house

Such pretttttty flowers located in front of the Renfrew Library.

I don’t know the name of these flowers, should I? They are in black pots in the front yard, wicked bright colors though.