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Valentines Dinner At The Fish House In Stanley Park

Last night we went to the Fish House in Stanley Park for the first time and it was very nice, relaxing and reasonable prices. I ended up getting some Caesar salad and clam chowder as an appetizer to start and for the main entree, I ordered fish and chips and my wife got some  type of salmon, both were tasty.  For dessert we ordered 1 chocolate cake that we split between the two of use and I ordered Spanish coffee that has coffee liqueur and  rum in it. It was really tasty, I need to try making it at home today or tomorow . Overall a great place to enjoy a nice dinner, I will definitely go back.

Have a great Sunday, we are off to the West Vancouver Village…


peeking the menu…

waiting for dinner..

dinner arrives with salmon as the main entree for my wife…

fish and chips for me….

delicious cake, yummy….

Happy Valentines Day 2009

I have never been one for gifts. Personally I think things like Christmas are just a big joke because of how pressured you feel to buy “things ” for other people. When did life become about “objects”? Everyone like to have nice stuff, me included. I just don’t like that you feel like you “have to do it”. That being said sometimes I receiving gifts. I would rather give people gifts than receive them. For some reason I feel it’s a waste of money when people buy me gifts, but when I buy someone a  gift it’s a different story. I love getting things for wife, we go shopping almost weekly for clothes for me and I enjoy it somehow, lol.

I’m actually a pretty simple person and spend WAY below my mean, like way, way below.  That being said I wasn’t expecting or wanting any type of gift for Valentines Day. My wife surprised with this (see photos below). I’m a fan of Puma stuff since I was  a kid, so getting this watch was very cool. I actually saw this watch at the Puma store on Granville, a few weeks back and wifey much have remember my comments about it. Thanks honey!!

Tonight we’re going to the Fish House, I’m getting pretty hungry so I can’t wait to start chowing down. It’s all seafood so it’s going to kick ass. Reservations are at 5:00 pm, 1:20 minutes from now. Time to get ready drop off the kiddies at Nonno/Nonna’s house and start this day we  call Valentines.

puma watch

blinging Puma watch (Temptation SLV)

puma wrist watch

not real diamonds, but still blingo, blingo…