Happy Valentines Day 2009

I have never been one for gifts. Personally I think things like Christmas are just a big joke because of how pressured you feel to buy “things ” for other people. When did life become about “objects”? Everyone like to have nice stuff, me included. I just don’t like that you feel like you “have to do it”. That being said sometimes I receiving gifts. I would rather give people gifts than receive them. For some reason I feel it’s a waste of money when people buy me gifts, but when I buy someone a  gift it’s a different story. I love getting things for wife, we go shopping almost weekly for clothes for me and I enjoy it somehow, lol.

I’m actually a pretty simple person and spend WAY below my mean, like way, way below.  That being said I wasn’t expecting or wanting any type of gift for Valentines Day. My wife surprised with this (see photos below). I’m a fan of Puma stuff since I was  a kid, so getting this watch was very cool. I actually saw this watch at the Puma store on Granville, a few weeks back and wifey much have remember my comments about it. Thanks honey!!

Tonight we’re going to the Fish House, I’m getting pretty hungry so I can’t wait to start chowing down. It’s all seafood so it’s going to kick ass. Reservations are at 5:00 pm, 1:20 minutes from now. Time to get ready drop off the kiddies at Nonno/Nonna’s house and start this day we  call Valentines.

puma watch

blinging Puma watch (Temptation SLV)

puma wrist watch

not real diamonds, but still blingo, blingo…

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