Strange Phone Numbers On My Fido Bill

We came back to a mound of checks ( which is nice), but also some bills. One bill was my cell phone bill from Fido. I checked my Fido bill and noticed my bill at $132.69. I checked the bill and I had lots of charges for $1.45, and I know for a fact that I never made 20 or so 1 minute calls on my Vancouver cell phone while I was in Las Vegas.

I called Fido and they identified the calls coming from Birmingham, England (area code 121). I had the whole phone number written down but I lost it now. Anyways the charges from this f’n number came out to roughly $44.00. I never called the number ever and have no clue how this happened. This is a big reason why to always check your monthly bills, you could easily be paying for nothing and not even know about it. If you see strange charges on your bills don’t be afraid to dispute them, it’s your money! If you don’t complain then you lose and they get your money.

I never used my Vancouver cell phone while I was in Vegas, only the first 2 days before my land line was hooked up down there? My land line has 5 cent long distance calling to Canada so there is no reason to call using my cell phone.

Fido did drop the charges but it sucks that you need to worry about all these petty little things.  I almost feel like dropping my cell phone all together, waste of f’n money! If you think of all the money you waste of bs things like cell phone charges it makes you want to live in a cave, lol.

5 thoughts on “Strange Phone Numbers On My Fido Bill

  1. Tristan Karma

    We here in Canada get bent over royally by our cell providers, it’s disgusting when compared to the rest of the world.

  2. cv

    Tell me about it. I heard Google is coming out with some type of phone that will blow away all other cell phone providers. I’m not 100% what it is but I’m ready for anything new to get away from all these shitty mobile providers.

  3. Cole!

    android phones?
    its compareable to the apps on iphones, but better.
    and yeah, phones here are stupid.
    we should start our own mobile network eh coz? id be down.

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