So Did I Get A Place In Vegas?

It’s 5:38 am, and I’m wide awake since I went to bed at 9 pm last night. I figure I’m wasting too much time watching TV from 9 -11 pm so bedtime is now 9 pm.  So to the thought of the day, Las Vegas….

I got back on Wednesday, and it’s unreal just like I said about the cheap prices for townhouses. Prices range from$65,000 to $100,000 U.S. You get 1200 – 1500 square feet, 3 bedrooms, community swimming pool, gym room, spa and 1-2 car garage. Most places are built between 2003-2oo6, so they basically brand f’n new! It’s seriously retarded the prices of places down there.

Did I Get One?

I put offers on 6 townhouses, 2-3 were sold as soon as I put my offers in and I am waiting on 3 of them. I’m thinking that I will probably have to go down again and put more offers. Since these townhouses are foreclosures , they are bank owned. Banks like to take their sweet ass time to make a decision (up to 60 days), to tell you yes or no that they have approved or disapproved your purchase of the property. It’s a f*cked up system but the deals are incredible, so it’s worth it.   Basically you put in 10 offers with the hope of getting a few approved, then you can choose if you actually want to go through with the purchase of  the place. There are deals coming up daily, but there are lots of investors like me seeking discount deals, from all over the world, even China.

So, right now I’m sitting in limbo, but I’m calling the realtor in  a few hours, to see if there is any news, and also if there are any new places up for sale. I am determined to get something down there, for now I wait…

Read this blog 5 years from now and I can guarantee you a post about how I made at least $100,000 profit from each townhouse I bought this year in Las Vegas. You want easy money, here you go on a silver f*ck*ng platter. Too bad most people will do nothing about it.

I snapped some photos of stuff, not of townhouses, just touristy type stuff. Enjoy.

Vegas desert, shot from plane

Vegas desert, shot from airport

Paris hotel in Las Vegas

Paris hotel in Las Vegas

Paris hotel in Las Vegas

New York, New York hotel in Las Vegas

Flamingo hotel in Las Vegas

“You catch em, we cook em”, yes you can win lobsters and then they cook it for you. Anything goes in Vegas…


Advertising escorts services on display trucks, going back and forth on the Las Vegas strip

Donny & Marie. All the washed up stars end up here

Cirus Circus hotel

Caesars Palace

The water works show at the Bellagio Hotel

The water works show at the Bellagio Hotel synchronized to music

The water works show at the Bellagio Hotel, from across Las Vegas Blvd


Las Vegas strip

Treasure Island hotel, pirate show

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