It’s Official, Las Vegas Is My 2nd Home!

Well, in my last post I mentioned I put offers on 6 different properties in Las Vegas. I am very, very happy to be able to say that the place I wanted the most is now mine (after I get it inspected). I put an offer on a 3 bedroom 1500 square foot condo/town house in a gated resort like community but there was already an accepted offer, so I was too late. Luckily for me that deal fell through for the other buyer and since my offer was second they accepted my offer and it’s mine!!

A place like this in Vancouver would EASILY cost $350,000 or probably more. I bought this place for $99,000 U.S which is a steal, considering this exact place was going for $230-245,000 just 2 years ago!! And don’t tell me about the U.S. recession, big deal. The economy will bounce back, prices on these places have gone up about $10,000 since March 2009, when prices stopped falling in Las Vegas.

The place is a 3 bedroom, carpeted with tile in the kitchen, granite counter tops through out the property. It has 2 full bathrooms (tub in 1 shower in other), in suite laundry (washer/dryer), small patio area, and a 2 car garage, which is awesome to have. People might think I’m nuts for buying so far away from Vancouver, but with such low prices it makes WAY MORE sense to buy in Las Vegas than say a place such asĀ  Kelowna. Even if I have to fly the whole family there it’s stillĀ  way cheaper than buying a place in Kelowna or whatever for like $275,00 – $300,000. Besides the appreciation on a place is Vegas will rise much more than Kelowna, because it has dropped so much.


I’m nervous and excited all in the same wind…

view of Las Vegas from entrance of the gated community.

Chateau Versailles (the name of the development)

Chateau Versailles entrance area

Chateau Versailles entrance area

walkway to the pool from my place

such an amazing pool complete with hot tub spa and waterfall. Has wild palm trees all over for a tropical feel (no cactus though, weird for a desert) ..

shot of the pool

exterior of building

kitchen (missing fridge)


bathroom (granite counter tops)

bathroom and tub


other bathroom


one of the bedrooms

washer and dryer

computer nook (do my affiliate marketing here…)


These photos were taken off of a website, the place is actually completely vacant now, as it is a foreclosure property and owned by one of the banks.

3 thoughts on “It’s Official, Las Vegas Is My 2nd Home!

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  3. Joyce

    I really enjoyed these pictures..
    and I love the granite in the
    bathroom..My birthday is
    coming up and I am going to
    put granite in our master bathroom.
    Too bad this charming place
    is in foreclosure. We visited
    Las Vegas last year..and had
    a great time.

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