Scared Of Tenants? Then Work Until Your 65 You Jackass

Looks like the weekend is here. I had to leave the coffee shop early since I need to meet with my new tenant and former coworker to get the paperwork and damage deposit for my 2 bedroom condo in Burnaby. Getting it rented, and it’s one less thing for me to think about. Overall people who don’t have rental properties seem to think it’s the worst thing in the world. Me and my cousins husband were having a conversation yesterday at his mechanic shop, and he asked me how I deal with the headaches of having tenants. He came to conclusion that it was tons of work, and very stressful. I asked him, “you deal with customers all day long right?”. Well I explained “this is like having customers but they are called tenants”. I have honestly never had any huge problems with my tenants located in my places here, the properties I owned in Winnipeg were a different story.

But it’s funny when I hear people who don’t have rental houses bitch about how much work they are. It makes me laugh because in reality it’s one of the most passive ways to make income. What would you rather do, own and manage rental properties or work a job 9-5 every day? If you answered having a 9-5 job you’re a complete idiot, and you should rethink your answer. I never work 8 hrs a day on my rental homes or even 8 hours per week, not even 8 hours per month….

People seem to think renters will destroy your place, only if you buy in shit hole areas like I did in Winnipeg, lesson learned. All the places I have owned in greater Vancouver have been a pleasure to own.Rental income is the best way to make money, next to making money online. I love having rental houses and wouldn’t trade it for anything.

9 to 5 or renters? I will take renters any day of the week….

Random shots taken with my Canon SD 750

candy apples at store in MetroTown, Burnaby

Tim Hortons, North Vancouver

Tim Hortons, North Vancouver

2 thoughts on “Scared Of Tenants? Then Work Until Your 65 You Jackass

  1. holymotherofgod

    ROFL at the title =)
    So today I finalize on our duplex which is our first income earning property and The Beginning. Funny you should talk about this conversation because I hear it coming from my parents as sure as I can tell it’s -18 outside.
    Purchased in a GREAT area in the Peg on Academy and Wellington. After reading your experiences I steered away from the downtown core despite the tantalizing prices. I aspire to follow the path that many other successful investors have made before me. It’s just one foot after the other…

  2. admin Post author

    Well congratulations!! I’m glad to hear that you took the leap and bought an investment property in Winnipeg, you must feel all warm inside. You did a smart move and you will be rewarded for the rest of your life because of it. Buy, buy, buy!!

    Congrats again, that is awesome!

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