Recent Important Developments In My Life – Ooooh

Ok, the title is dramatic, sue me, lol.I had a few minutes to spare before I head over to my parents place for Saturday night BBQ.

What has been going on with me the last few days?

  1. I sold my 4plex in Winnipeg, so I celebrated last night by buying a bag of Doritos chips and a bag of that Smart food popcorn stuff  from 7-11, yah, yah, yah!
  2. I planted grass seeds 15 days ago and they are growing and filling in the blank spots I had on my lawn, yah!
  3. I have the SpiderMan 3 move as well as the Fantastic 4 movie downloaded and ready to be watched tonight, yah!

Next Weeks Agenda:

  1. Start checking out investment condos in New Westminster next week for under $220,000 (Ozzie Jurock recommended New West condos as a good buy, I agree) Ozzie says, “We particularly favour New Westminster, but investors have to be careful. There is a lot happening in the Royal City and despite a “benchmark” price of a typical condominium at $304,000 in May, according to the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver, we had little trouble finding condos for $200,000 or just slightly above. Warning: you will see listings in New West for condos as low as the $150,000, but most of these are clustered in three leaky condo buildings. (Eg: low-rise 312 Carnarvon – $1.5-$2 million in repairs needed – realtor’s estimate) and two high-rises on Agnes St. (assessments to $100,000 per suite for repairs).” But there are renovated older New West condo buildings (watch for listings on Ginger Street) that offer good value in the $200,000 and less range, according to veteran area realtor Doris Gee of ReMax Central (604-432-7888). Example: 340 Ginger Ave. 830 sq. ft. 1 bedroom, no restrictions, strata fees $159 per month: Asking price $189,000.
  2. Increase sales on my pay per click campaigns, I will not be stopped! I want my 20 investment properties, 17 more to go. Big dream maybe, but even bigger reality.
  3. Pray for more sun (Today is sunny, but will it remain???)

Random pictures I took while were downtown this morning:

Joe Fortes Car on Robson St & Thurlow St, Vancouver – June 14, 2008

Joe Fortes Car on Robson St & Thurlow St, Vancouver – June 14, 2008

city/sky shot on Hornby Street / Smithe Street, Vancouver – June 14, 2008

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