Real Estate Outlook 2010 By Ozzie Jurock

Real Estate Outlook 2009 is upon us. Ozzie Jurock is putting it on once again. I have gained tons of useful information from his seminars over the years and this will be no different. Actually the reason I am buying in Las Vegas is because of Ozzie’s advice. It is also the reason I bought my 3 condos in the Vancouver area and anything else I did with real estate. I personally owe Ozzie quite a bit, he doesn’t even know who I am however he changed my life, and set me for life.

If you are serious about getting rich in real estate and you live in Vancouver, you need to be at this  real estate convention. I can get your free tickets if you want, just email me right away. And the BEST part for me is he is going to be talking about Las Vegas. He has a Las Vegas realtor  who flew up today and will be speaking at the seminar.  The realtor’s name, David Brownell! Yep the same guy I am using to buy real estate in Vegas. I got the name from the Ozzie newsletter way back in March of this year. Like I said I owe alot to Ozzie Jurock!

Anyways, now is the time to buy real estate in Las Vegas, and if you sit on the sidelines it will pass you by. Rent will cover the mortgage  and then some. Positive cash flow is the name of the game.

Enough said email me if you free tickets for this!

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