New Years Resolutions For 2010

Who am I kidding? It’s the first day of the year, and I won’t getting much work done if any. I think it’s a good time to move forward and write down my goals for  2010.This is more like reminders than resolutions.


  1. More exercise – I just purchased an exercise bike from Zellers, on sale from $249 to $149.00. I used it about  1 1/2 hours ago  and it’s awesome. I got used to using an exercise bike while were down in Las Vegas for the last month and a half, so I had to pick one up here.
  2. More real estate – I love real estate, it’s stable and you can always come out ahead with a  little bit of research and common sense. I plan on buying more condos this year and investment properties.
  3. More income – Last year was my best year ever, even though I haven”t added up my income for the year it was very good.  This year I will make even more money because my experience in online marketing has gotten that much better. I learned lots in 2009 and I can carry those skills forward in 2010. No pain, no gain. I had to reinvent myself a few times mainly due to Google tightening the screws on all affiliates. I gave up on them and moved to greener and much more profitable pastures. Goodbye Google, I don’t even miss you at all.
  4. More diversification – I plan to continue to diversify my income streams online so I am prepared if things sideline my business ventures. Having your all your eggs in one basket is bad business.
  5. More rest & relaxation – I bought the condo in Vegas as part of my R&R, and I plan on using it 3 -4months out of the year.  The weather in Vancouver is rain (surprise), so haven’t that sunny destination to go to anytime I like is an awesome feeling.

I haven’t got detailed about my goals, because I need to think about them a little bit to see exactly what I want to achieve.

Anyways Happy New Years to all! Remember write down your goals and hold yourself accountable! Don ‘t take it lightly. Writing down my goals has helped me achieve success.  Just read through my other goal oriented blog posts in the last year and you will see what I mean ( they all came true…).

Onward and upward!


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