New West Condos, Here I Come – The Road To Riches

[ad#ad-1]I’d like to welcome back Rob, who was a way for a 3 week breakation. You got back for the good Vancouver weather, lucky for you. I was on this morning and there are tons of older, NON LEAKY condo apartments in New West that are for sale under $200,000.   Actually you can even find condos in Burnaby for around $200,000, obviously they aren’t brand new but some paint and laminate flooring and they look brand new. Some of the condos come remodelled. I just need to check rents and see how it will cash flow. Seems like it should cover the rent with 25% down on the condo.  Time to start doing some research and I will be calling my local Vancouver realtor today so we can get the ball rolling.

I really want to get those 20 investment properties, I expect to pick up at least 2 or 3 before the end of this year maybe even more. But, I don’t want to go too fast, it’s better to be safe than sorry right. With prices dropping and a very low vacancy you can’t go wring with buying investment condos in the Vancouver area. Obviously they don’t cash flow as good as Winnipeg, but when you factors all the repairs my properties in Winnipeg had, then actually Vancouver cash flows better than Winnipeg. Especially when the property gets fire damaged. Renters in Winnipeg seem to LOVE to vandalize. All those Winnipeg street gangs, such the Manitoba Warriors are great to have in neighbourhood….

Anyhoo….. Time to work on my Google AdWords campaigns to make some more cash to buy more real estate.


random Yaletown pictures

Yaletown, Vancouver – Pacific Boulevard  & Davie area

Lazy Sunday afternoon – view of False Creek, Taken from YaleTown, Vancouver

Shot of Burrard Steet Bridge[ad#ad-1]

4 thoughts on “New West Condos, Here I Come – The Road To Riches

  1. heather cox

    I’m sorry you only saw the north end and newspaper headlines in winnipeg. But the good renters and homeowners of our wonderful are in masses elsewhere. If you charge higher rates and looked into the employment status of the seeker than you shouldn’t have too much trouble. Minor vandalism happens all over the world. Perhaps you could offer funds to go towards community centers and other places for youth to hang out in a healthy way that would bring down the teenage boredom and decrease crime. Then you don’t allow any adults in to the dwellings that don’t work legitimatly, don’t go to school and don’t have families to keep them occupied. Keeping people busy is the best way to crime down and winnipeg is in dire need of ideas like this bring created from the big buck guys and gals.(considering thats all who the government will listen to.)

  2. admin Post author

    I am from Vancouver, and I have no intention of investing in Winnipeg ever again. It was my fault because I didn’t research enough, I take full blame for my mistakes. I ended up loosing about $50,000 of my OWN money, lesson learned.

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