My Favorite IPhone Apps

I didn't make a huge post out of it, but I did get my IPhone about 3 weeks ago. I have to say that I really do love that little gadget, even though I still think for most people (myself included) it's a waste of money really. That being said the IPhone gives me access to Internet anywhere, email, take and upload videos and photos wherever I am. I have been using a few IPhone apps for photography, Twitter, Facebook, free texting and dictation.

My Iphone4 Apps:


  1. Twitter for IPhone: Years ago I bitched about the how unnecessary Twitter is, now I find myself using it daily to post my rants, thoughts and photos of fried eggs and other silly. I find it fun to post silly BS throughout the day. Now I can see how Twitter is useful, you can see real time what people are talking about, I finally got it LOL!
  2. Photoshop Express: I like touching up my photos, sharpening them to make them crisp and cropping them them nicely. This app does that all for free, LOVE IT!
  3. Facebook App: Another waste of time, but fun to be able to post photos on Facebook and my cousins in New York and Italy can see what I am doing at that exact minute.
  4. Text Plus: My data plan didn't come with free texting so I searched around and found a free texting app. You can text as much as you want with this app for completely free. It's an ad supported app so you will see ads on your IPhone, big deal though. It works good, love it!
  5. ImageShack app: I like using ImageShack to upload my photos, that is how I store them online. You can also use ImageShack to post images and videos on Twitter through their app.
  6. Four Square app: Four Square is an app that enables you to  "check in". This app can track where you are through the use of GPS and then you can use the application to check in to the location you are at. You open the app and see a list of local businesses (Starbucks, Walmart, whatever) and click check in to the business you are currently at. Yeah it's useless, but something to do while you're waiting for your appointment at the hair salon. It can post your location on Twitter and Facebook at the same time, weee. This is perfect for people who want to stalk you LOL…

Those are the apps that  I use daily. I'm not into downloading app of cats talking and all that BS. I'm more of a design type person so taking photos is my thing.


4 thoughts on “My Favorite IPhone Apps

  1. Matt

    Check out Angry Birds. I’m not much into games, but its awesome. Comes in very handy when you have time to kill.

  2. Ally ghazouly

    I had to tell u (c v) that i was intruged with your idea of using ur ph internet to access the web for ur puter. I have the mobile version on my phone. It s unlimited and costs next to nothing. About $6 a mo. Only limit is the ph small memory. Cld u help a tech challenged person try this idea on my new laptop. How wld i connect ph to my computer to access the internet . If U can do this ur my hero. I thank you

  3. holymotherofgod

    Happy Birthday, glad you are setting and reaching your goals. Think it, dream it, DO IT.

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