Lazy Days In Las Vegas

I'm still here in sunny Las Vegas, working by the pool everyday. Life is good. The temperatures are hot but it's a dry heat so you don't sweat much at all, unlike Vancouver that get's humid heat in the summer.  I snapped some shots of random shit , that has been added below. Taking photos costs me nothing, and it's a great way  to preserve memories.

I've been putting offers on more condos down here. The prices are too cheap for me to resist:). If you can get 2 bedrooms condos in the $55,000 range and rent them for $800-$900, it won't be long before I retire completely and let the rental cheques do all the income earning for me, lol. I'm not going to preach about why you should buy here, it will be more for me to buy so stay away!

Tommorow night were going to the Olive Garden, I have been there only once ever in Langley. They're having  an all you can eat pasta deal for $9. We have gone out only once since beening here for 3 weeks, so that's ok if I have some fat ass carbs for once night..  I can't even recall the last time I had pasta, and I'm Italian…. Ma Che cazzo!

The weather is still hot, palm trees are growing and prices are still cheap. That's all I have to report kiddies. Stay tuned for more from Sin City!

Harley Davidson on Las Vegas Blvd (the strip)

Hang Over movie anyone, ring a bell?!?

self explanatory…

80's music Cheap Trick!

After a rain storm…

Caesars Palace Bhuda thingy

Caesars Palace..

Aria hotel, biggest hotel in Vegas…

Aria hotel, biggest hotel in Vegas…

street magician at Freemont in downtown Vegas

street magician at Freemont in downtown Vegas

street magician at Freemont in downtown Vegas

she's a jumper now!

New York, New York

crazy looking clouds

at the MGM hotel,trainer with tiger…

I do love to fart!

2 thoughts on “Lazy Days In Las Vegas

  1. hmog

    Seriously, next time I’m in Van, I’m going to come and see you for coffee. I would *love* to know more about Vegas investing but being a nublet investor, I need a seasoned advisor like you to talk to!
    Friend of mine (dual citizen) bought there this Spring, rented back to the previous owners. Seems to me that this recession is the best thing that could happen to Canadian investors.

  2. CV Post author

    Yes the recession makes it possible to buy 1 bedroom condos for 45,000 in awesome parts of Vegas, such as where I live.

    Coffee? sure!

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