Las Vegas 1/2 Built & Vacant land All Over

Yesterday I stumbled across one of those famous foreclosed developments, where the builder has stopped building and left everything there. Right across the street on Rain Water Drive, next to the Co 215 freeway is a brand new park, with community pool, grass areas  and nice picnic areas that is the only thing complete besides 4 show homes. It’s kind of creepy and relaxing at the same time. The development must have stopped because of the recession down here and the builder has 4  really nice show homes still there, all furnished facing the community swimming pool, and the play area complete with grass field etc. It looks like a ghost town after a nuclear holocaust or something, weird. The grass is cut, the pool looks maintained but not a soul in sight, except for the odd car that drives by.

There are many parts of North Las Vegas that are 1/2 built with vacant lots around them. Don’t get me wrong this is no ghetto (far from) but it does have a weird  feeling when you go into these developments where there is no one is around. Once the recession stops then all these places will be built up, but until then they will remain vacant. There are no home buyers, except for people like me looking for killer real estate deals. No new homes will be built until the inventory of foreclosed homes is sold.

The bonus is that the park is basically all ours, all the swings, tables and grass field. It’s cool cause it’s like a 2 minute walk from our front door, with an amazing view of Las Vegas, especially at night time.

Las Vegas was the hardest hit area in the USA for foreclosures, hence the amazing deals on real estate down here. And the deals are STILL coming .

Looks like the wild west all over again, tumble weed and all…

These places were supposed to sell for the low $200,000 range still a nice price if you ask me.

vacant land, all divided up with sewers in place, stop signs and street, but no homes….

street lamps with no homes, weird…

cul de sac and still no homes…

community pool on the left, all locked up with not a single soul in sight.

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