Cheezy Las Vegas – Where Formage Comes To Play

Las Vegas has an insane highway system compared to what I am used to (Vancouver). We got lost a few times but I made my way back to home base eventually. I need to buy a printer so I can print directions to and from places, so I won't get lost anymore! It sucks!!! Today we went down to the strip to kill some time and check out the lions that are located in the MGM casino, pretty wild. One of the lion handlers was actually sleeping and cuddling with one of the baby tigers, NUTS! I took some video of the silly shit that happens on the Las Vegas strip. This place is soo cheezy it makes it cool to be here. I think everyone in Vegas was born with chrome rims on their cars, lol. I love it. What else would you expect from Vegas, a farting ass of course nice ass, lol.. Not were still in Vegas this is NOT Paris!  half  price lawyers, lol. Seem like a really bad idea to let these douche bags defend you for ANYTHING! Penn & Teller whole bus advertisement Elvis & Michael Jackson? M&M… Andrew Dice Clay, there is nothing else to say… heading back home to North Las Vegas watch the video below, people are retards…

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