JavaScript Code To Show The Current Date & Time

I just came up with this idea. Basically you add a piece of Javascript code on your web page that will show the current date and time. What’s the big deal? Well for instance if you were doing a review type landing page for HDTV plasma TVs then the person visiting your site would see the current date and time. This would make the user think that the content on your website was brand new which can work to your benefit. This is an old trick but something I have never used before. I’m sure you can get creative with this right Rob?

Here is the javascript code:

<script language=”javascript” type=”text/javascript”>


document.write(“reviewed on ” + document.lastModified);



Place the Javascript code on the spot of the page where you want the date to appear, bottom of page, top of page or where ever. This tip is nothing mind blowing by any means but if you can increase relevancy to web users it can result in more sales.

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