It’s Time For A Vacation Or I’m Going Postal

Almost end of the month and I am dying to the f*ck out Vancouver now. I need a damn break from the everyday grind. If you knew all the shit I do on a daily basis it might drive you nuts. I am well compensated for everything I do but sometimes the cash doesn’t matter, ok? I’m am not complaining but damn sakes. I feel like I’m running 100 miles per minute, and this blog is basically my punching bag! Maybe I am complaining?!

I post the ads on Craigslist to get renters, people call to view the condo , I show them the place and they are all “very interested”. Some of these idiots are so interested that even when you call them back they will never return your message. I mean come one at least call back and so I changed my mind, instead of leading me on like a naive girl on the first date, f*ck! I doin’t feel bad for charging high rents, with all the games people play I need to be compensated for my B.S.

Then you have my online marketing campaigns, that’s another ball of wax. Let’s just say a vaction is very much needed, before I indeed do go POSTAL. Luckily for me I reinvest all my profit into something STABLE like real estate. That might sound crazy to some of you, but trust me real estate is way more stable than an online income. Don’t even ask! That February 22nd vacation is coming up, and I am more than ready.

Take tonight for instance, I need to go out to the Port Coquitlam condo for the 3rd time this week to show it. I’m thinking that people will see how nice this place and drop the $1525 per month to rent, so I can crawl back in my little hole in East Van and look for the next condo to buy. Any takers?? Ok, it’s time to call tonight’s prospective renters just to make sure they are actually coming.  I have no clue how many people say they are coming but never show up, so I call to confirm first.


fruit platter, for my movie snack


Highway 1 underneath Hastings Street (can’t recall name of this tunnel)


Why is there a lock on the toilet plumbing at Renfrew library?


you know who…

4 thoughts on “It’s Time For A Vacation Or I’m Going Postal

  1. CV Post author

    I use Craigslist to rent my places I get a much bigger response, Kijiji is OK but is KING for renting, especially here in Vancouver. Craigslist is better than anything else if you need your place rented out.

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