I Put An offer On A 2 Bed Room Port Coquitlam Condo

I put the offer on the 2 bedroom condo in Port Coquitlam. Unfortunately there is another person interested in it as well, so now we have to sit and wait  for the vendor to decide which offer he likes better.  This is a 2 bedroom loft/ penthouse suite for $199,000. Over 1000 square feet with a sweet  patio up top that is awesome. I really love this place and I would have no problem moving in myself (If I was single). The loft has amazing vaulted cathedral ceilings that gives you a really open feeling.  Anyways I took a bunch of photos so if/when  we get the place I can list it on Craigslist right away for renting. It should rent for $1500 – $1600. You can see the photos of the condo below, looks pretty sweet right?

7 thoughts on “I Put An offer On A 2 Bed Room Port Coquitlam Condo

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  3. rich

    Place is nice but the furniture is disgusting. The previous owner destroyed the potential. Lets go with white walls…yay. My god. I hope someone gets some furniture that isn’t from IKEA or the BRICK. My god thats hideous. Plus do something to maximize the potential. Geez. Brain dead morons.

  4. Sydney

    OMG you like that? I would rather die than live there, you can see the house next door from your front window! I live in rural Maine, nothing like even exists in the whole state of Maine……
    I look out all my windows and see fields, trees, deer and moose.

  5. CV Post author

    It’s called urban living sir. Not everyone likes living in the rural areas, and not all people like living in the city. I’m glad you like where you live, so do I.

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