First SnowFall In Vancouver December, 13 2008

Last night was damn cold and then the snow came. We had planned to go to a friends house in White Rock, and we were on the way there. We got onto Highway 97 just after North Delta and that was it, instant traffic jam and cars moved at a snails pace. I waited it out for a whole minutes when I said “F*ck this”, and did a u turn and headed back home. There was no way I was going to go to White Rock and hang our for 3 hours while it was coming down hard. With all the jackasses on the road I would of had a hell of a time getting back home later that evening. I cut my losses and went home instead. I called Bruno, apologized and that was it.

I then took a few shots from the beginning of the snowfall here in East Van, with my Canon SD 750 set at 1600 ISO (gives more light in dark conditions such as night time).  Below are the photos from last nights “snow storm”.

I can’t say too much for today, looks like an Arctic Wonderland from my office window. I would rather blog about the cold than be in it that’s for damn sure!




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