Michaels Christmas Decoration SuperStore?

Sue me, I have too much time on my hands if I can take digital photos of Christmas decorations at Michael’s. My wife had to go buy some “much needed” scrap booking supplies at Michael’s, so I went along for the ride… What is a guy to do inside a Michaels store? I mean seriously…. I had my trusty Canon SD750 by my side (wif’es purse actually), so I began snapping photos. People probably thought I was some creepy dude getting off looking at Christmas decorations, who knows right? I guess it does look a bit f*cked if you see a 30 year old guy snapping photos in a craft store. Anyhoo, I took some cool closeups of Christmas decorations in the store while I was waiting for my wife to choose scrap book paper, oh the joy!

Actually near Christmas I don’t mind going into Michael’s , the place is basically a massive Christmas decorators paradise. Yeah this is a booring post, I have nothing to say OK? Take a look at the coool photos below and then beat it!

….Oh yeah, I get to bike ride to the coffee shop on Kingsway in Burnaby and it might snow, wee how will that be!?




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