FaceBook IPhone App Check In Feature Not Working?

I got my IPhone4 a few days ago and have installed a few apps. The FaceBook App for the IPhone4 enables you to "check in" with your current location like the 4Square.com idea. Mine was working then it stopped, I tried a bunch of stuff. I tried turning off my IPhone, reinstalling the FaceBook application and so on. Finally I found a solution to the stupid problem.

What worked to fix FaceBook check in :

  1. Go to settings>
  2. general>
  3. reset>
  4. reset location warnings

Other people have had success getting check in working this way:

Go to Settings -> Location Services -> Turn FB on

If either of those solutions don't work you can check here.

39 thoughts on “FaceBook IPhone App Check In Feature Not Working?

  1. James

    Wow it worked!! My wife’s iPhone has not been able to ever use the check-in feature on Facebook.. This suggestion fixed it instantly and I looked like the hero for fixing her phone 🙂 Thanks for posting this!

  2. James S.

    This is another James that was determined also to get his wife’s iphone facebook checkin service working and thanks to this post. Done! So there are two james’s that have happy wives! 🙂

  3. Linda

    Thank you!! It worked! I just got my new iPhone
    4 for Verizon and couldn’t get it to work before I followed these simple steps!!!!

  4. Marc

    You Sir, are a genius. I haven’t been able to use Check-in since I first put the App on my iPhone. Brilliant!

  5. Kirsten

    I feel like an idiot – I have the iPhone 4 and I cannot correct this issue. I went to my FB icon. I clicked Account. I selected Account Setting. I cannot find the General ara. I looked under the Privacy Settings button as well. What am I missing?

  6. Kim

    Thank you! Not only am I able to use check-in for the first time, I can once again upload photos! That hasn’t worked in a while =)

  7. hash

    dosent work for me though 🙁 im using a itouch,and it keeps on giving the same location over n over again even though im in a different country or place!!help please…………………..

  8. Natalia

    Thank you so much! it worked perfect… i was trying for a week… for everyone else check in was working but not for me… now it works perfect!!!!!! thanx thanx thanx!!!!!!!!

  9. Des

    why there is no add photo button on my FB check in I wanted to upload photos whenever I would check in to my fave places, please help!

  10. Des

    why there is no add photo button on my FB check in I wanted to upload photos whenever I would check in to my fave places, please help! I have iPhone 4

  11. Alissa

    I did the reset and it still wouldn’t work. I WAS able to make it work by click on the “settings” buttin with the update status screen and clicked friends only. Then it let me post. I guess you have to set that before it will work.

  12. malu

    having the same problem, the link doesnt work anymore, can someone show me how to fix the check-in feature of fb, tried everything uninstalled the fb app, turned off my phone but still wont work. My husband’s acct work on my phone when he signs in but not mine.. whats going on? pls help!!!

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