Does Money Buy Happiness?

Does money buy happiness? Everyone has heard the phrase  “money doesn’t buy happiness”. So does it actually get you a smile on your face? For me I have been employed,  unemployed, a cabinet maker with a $17.47 per hour wage, and where I am now.  I don’t think I was ever depressed when I was making $17.47 an hour. I didn’t think I could have a family on that wage so I did something about it, but I wasn’t depressed.  Personally for me it was more important to have the freedom, but the thing is this. Money bought me the freedom to do what I want now. Was it by choice? It wasn’t completely by choice. I started doing affiliate marketing because I kept getting laid off every 4 months from all the dotcom companies back in early 200o.

Did I luck out?

I don’t think I lucked out at finding affiliate marketing, somehow I think it was drawn to me. I said over 15 years ago that I wanted to retire by 40 years of age, now I actually can and it’s hard to believe.  I wouldn’t be filthy rich,  but if I retired but I can sure live very comfortable. Does money buy happiness? Most people myself included just want to be able to not worry about bills and have some time to themselves (retirement basically). Most think they want to be rich but in reality they mostly want their life with a little cherry on top.

Money buys freedom and that puts a smile on everyone faces, so yeah I think money buys happiness in one way. But if you’re poor and an assh*le, chances are very high you will be  an assh*le when you are rich as well (probably even a bigger a-hole).

Whats the bottom line?

Be happy and grateful for what you have, trust me you can live without an IPhone or whatever other crap they are trying to sell to us. We could all life very nice with way less than what we have. If you sit down and think of all the crap you buy because YOU THINK YOU NEED IT, you would be truly surprised. Wonder why so many people are in debt, it cause we all eat out way too much, buy the latest electronic gadgets we don’t need, buy big ass SUV’s (that’s me),  and so on. We consume way too much, it’s completely unnecessary.. I kind of got off topic but whatever..

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