Do You Really Need To Order A Pizza, After You Ate Dinner?

I’m taking it easy today, so no bike riding to the coffee shop. Yesterday I was sick and did jack all day long, I slept and laid on the couch. Today I am feeling better but I don’t it’s a smart move to go full force.  Not sure if it was the pizza I ordered on Saturday night or not but either way I am not ordering pizza again.

Seriously WTF is the point in eating out, or ordering in? Have you ever calculated how much you spend on eating out? It’s insane if you break it down. People have no idea how much healthier they would be and how much they would save if they ate their meals at home EVERY DAY.  I bet if people cut out eating out they would easily drop their weight, it’s basically a fact.

I am no angel when it comes to eating out I used to go to Wendy’s every week (since it’s like 8 blocks away from). I do go out to Tim Hortons 3 times a week and a buy a coffee 5 times a week at the coffee shop on Kingsways. I cutback on eating out for 2 reasons, waste of cash and gaining weight.  The problem with people in our society me included, we want everything right now. Not only do we want it now, but we don’t think about the end result, wasting money, getting fat, blah, blah, blah.

No one wants to sacrifice anything.  We are all spoiled kids, ipods, Internet, eat out, DVDs, cell phones and so on. Compared to our parents we have way more to keep us distracted from life. This is why there are so many people walking around 50 lbs overweight. They can’t say no to that Big Mac, or that pizza. We would all be better off if we just said no to the voices inside our heads telling us to order that pizza. Do you really need to order a pizza at 9 pm, after you already ate dinner?

All little bit off topic:

I want you to ask yourself, do you need a cell phone if you have a home phone as well? Are your credit cards getting paid in full every month? Are you renting a more expensive place than is necessary? Just random questions, think about it. Find out where you send you cash and ask yourself if you can cut back in that department.


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