Do The Opposite Of The Crowd

As with life change is part of it, the affiliate marketing industry is no different unfortunately. Personally I want to get into niches that are STABLE, so I can increase traffic to my niches and build from there. Some of the niches I am going to do include auto insurance and dating.

I have some ideas on how to promote auto insurance and everyone wants cheaper car insurance so I think the possibilities can be pretty much endless. I always try to think outside of the box, it’s the only way to get into many of the niches that are saturated with competition. There is always a way to get into any niche, you just have to be creative and NOT doing what everyone else is doing.

It’s pretty easy to follow everyone else, it requires little thinking, it’s comfortable and it is less stressful .Here is the problem,  you will never live up to your full potential if you never let yourself take chances. Being stuck at the same shitty job, might feel comfortable but every minute of it sucks I know all about it!

Ever since I pushed myself to take chances I have grown as a person. Being complacent comes naturally to most of us, taking chances and getting out of our shell and thinking outside of the “box” is hard. The funny thing is this once you started taking calculated “risks”, it’s like a rush you want to do it again and again.

Here is an example:

Real estate – I love real estate because it is passive income. Vancouver’s real estate went up at least 17% in 2009, when were in a  “recession”. Was it really a recession? Umm no. Nothing can go up year after fucking year, can it? Las Vegas is in a recession, Vancouver is not. While the prices dropped in  late 2008 I scooped up 3 condos in Vancouver, totalling just over $600,000 in total. A 17% increase on $600,000 is $51,000. I increased my real estate portfolio value by $51,000 just on those 3 condos!!!! If I listened to the news about the bullshit recession I would have scared myself shitless and not bought like most people. Think outside the box! In total my real estate portfolio is up around $250,000-$300,00o  (I’m too lazy to do the exact math), just from last year!!

Do yourself a favor, do your own thing. Don’t worry about everyone else, you are not them. You are your own person so think for yourself. Most people are sheep, it’s easy  and stress free. If everyone is doing it can’t be wrong, right? LOL wrong. If everyone is doing it , then it’s probably wrong!! Don’t let someone else do the thinking for you! I did that for the first 30 years of my life, and I got stuck at a shitty job as a result of not taking control and responsibility for my own life, never again! Being scared and complacent is the mistake everyone makes, and they suffer because of it, unfulfilled and unhappy.

This goes back to my first point, think outside of the box. In my business (marketing), it’s all about being creative and   thinking outside of the box! This week I’m not working too hard since my parents are here in Vegas visiting me, but I am returning to Vancouver on Friday and then it’s on!  I just reminded myself I need to write down my goals as well, so I can see what type of goals I want to achieve this year. Maybe that will be my next post…

If this post doesn’t make any sense to you don’t worry about it, this post is more for me than it is for you.

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