Congratulations To My Brother & His Wife On Being Pregnant

Wow, I never thought a weekend would feel like more work than working. Damn, I glad that the weekend is over after going to 2 birthdays and a baptism it’s time to rest and get back into the swing of things.  Overall it was fun but I’m also glad to be working again.

I am super happy and excited because my brother just announced he is having a baby! I will be an uncle for the third time, but this is the first from my brother. It was his birthday yesterday and he snuck that in on us during the gift opening where he got baby soothers and baby bibs from his wife, ha ha. They sure fooled all of us, but I am very happy to have another baby crawling around. Life is about family and love, this just adds to the pot. Also my parents are very excited as well, tears all around last night at my brothers place. Lots of sleepless nights ahead after the baby is born in January, ha ha. Congratulations to both of you!

Congrats On Being Pregnant

Claudia (holding my son), my brother & Dina (Claudia’s sister)

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