Back From San Francisco, California

San Francisco was a hell of a time. The trip started off warm (20 c), by the end of the trip the weather was just as cold as Vancouver. The weather in S.F. is known from changing drastically from day to day, cold to hot and back and forth.

We met a ton of cool people  from all over the USA, quite a few from Canada, and other affiliates from France and Germany. These were all the top affiliates and it was interesting to see how they promote and market the same products that I do.

We ended drinking way too much and eating too much, and I guess that was the fun of it. I took a ton of photos of S.F. and a few of the guys we met down there.

Now I’m back in rainy, dreary Vancouver blogging from Waves coffee on Commercial Drive in East Vancouver.

I leave for 3 days and now I have all this sh*t to do:

  • final closing of Port Coquitlam condo, sign lawyers papers etc..
  • go exchange American money at the currency exchange (get 3 cents more per dollar that way).
  • inspection of 2nd condo in Burnaby tomorrow morning at 10 am.

On a little side note. With all the gloomy news it’s hard to remain positive, but fear is the biggest obstacle that makes us do stupid things. I for one am not going to be a p*ssy and fall victim to the media hype. Yes the economy is going down. Even a year ago the news was bright lights and smiles, at least in Canada it was and now we are down in the dumps. The rough times will pass, use this is an opportunity if you can.

If you have your health , your job and a roof over your head then keep smiling.  Don’t let the media get you down, think of the good points, cheap gas, cheaper housing prices, more deals at the mall.

I took a bunch of photos while in San Fran, here a few of them for now..

shot of California from plane

shot of San Francisco from plane

shot of San Francisco from plane

shot of San Francisco from plane

shot of San Francisco freeway

shot of San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge

shot of San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge

Happy traveler

shot of  convertible trolley in downtown San Francisco

shot of Alcatraz

mob guy locked up

shot of San Fran from ferry

This part 1 of my San Francisco photos, more to come…..

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