$25 Lollipops & Other Junk

I’m actually trying to post a little less. I don’t want to post anymore than every 3rd day. Honestly I feel that my blog is a waste of my time. It is fun to do but I don’t want to spend hours every day working on something that doesn’t offer $$$$. It’s a fun hobby but I have to keep to a certain level, every 3 rd day is more than enough I would think. I just accumulate my photos and stuff for 3 days and post them all at once.

I have been having a tough time focusing on my business, not very motivated at all. Once again, my earnings have dropped lol. See, it’s not that easy to work online, things change super fast on the web. One day you are making $5,000 and the next you are down to $500! It can be an emotional roller coaster ride to say the least.

In reality I can’t complain, I can retire right now if I wanted to but I really don’t. I have been working to get my profit back up, and I am having some success but not to the amount I have been accustomed to. If you had to get into affiliate marketing it’s much tougher now than it was when I first started.

But where there is a will there is a way. I like to feel sorry for myself for a bit then I bounce back. Right now the “feeling sorry for myself” process is almost finished and I starting to work a bit more to get things back up. Affiliate marketing takes a ton out of you. It is not a get rich quick deal, it’s super tough. Honestly sometimes I  don’t even know how I did it at all. Motivation is the key to success, without it failure is probable.

Time to get back to work, personal blogs make very little $$$.

Ok, here is the deal with these lollipops, they cost $25 each! These are basically celebrity endorsed by “stars” such as Holly  Madison, Kendra Wilkinson, Mike The Situation Sorrentino and all the rest of the “stars” with their photos on the Sugar Factory walls (see below). Then dumb teenage girls spend $25.00 to look trendy, douchebagettes!

These are twist on lollipops, you can buy replace tops for $5 each. The bling bling stick is reusable, and it comes in a plastic case, LOL. If I ever buy on of these then you will know I have become a FULL douchebag!

Endorsed by Carmen Electra, Brittney Spears, The Kardashians, Spice Girls, Denise Richards and all the rest of the “stars” that got paid to lick the lollipop…. Consumerism at it’s worst! $25 lollipops, yeah!

Looks like she got pissed at me for taking photos of $25 lollipops lol, OH WELL!

Now you know why Americans are all FAT, deep fried Oreos? Yeah, I’m sure you really need to eat those….

Deep fried twinkies of course, what else would you expect if you can get deep fried Oreo cookies!

Inside Planet HollyWood hotel, pretty cool

This is indoors, even the sky………

On the way to Red Rock Canyon, amazing scenery. It’s like the Grand Canyon (but much smaller) however it’s only l 12 minutes by car from my condo!

Beautiful rock formations…

Cheeeezy smile!

The wild west all over again…


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