2008 Coming To An End, Grateful For What I Have

As this year of 2008 draws to a close,  I’m sure we can all say it was a nutty year. Lots of bad things happened worldwide but lots of great things happened in my personal life. To me the glass is always half full. Three days before 2009 and I am grateful for  a ton of different things in my life.  I can’t complain about my personal life and never really ever did anyways.  What’s the point complaining about something if you don’t do anything to fix it? I’m content with what I have and ever had, even if it was nothing. Life isn’t complete with cash, you need a great personal life to feel truly happy. Being materialistic is lame, even though I have a few nice things overall I don’t care too much for big pricey things. Hell, I still buy $15 pairs of  Bongo jeans. What are Bongo jeans, exactly. No name nothings, that no one knows about and I don’t really care.

So What Am I Grateful For Ending 2008?

  1. Having an AWESOME wife, who actually likes cooking and does everything that most girls now a days are way too lazy to do. Wow, she even bakes cookies?! She’s also tons of fun to be with and is always easygoing and optimistic. No negative sh*t, the perfect woman for me.
  2. My kids –  I never thought I would be a dad and now that I am it’s very hard to imagine life without those little runts. I really look forward to every minute with them.
  3. My financial success – With all the doom around the economy, every month is better and better for me. It sucks that economy in the U.S  is in the sh*tter, but it will not last forever, that is for sure. Be frugal, I always have and it’s the best thing to do even in  a good economy. Why waste money?
  4. I’m glad that I am healthy and able to enjoy the life I have, without health it’s tough to enjoy your life. Enjoy yourself while you are young, you don’t know what the future holds for you.
  5. My mom and dad – Both great people who have been there for me and are now there for my kids, they love them and it’s cool to see my kids have tons of fun with my own parents.

What Does 2009 Hold?

On a global scale I’m not sure what to expect, I can just view what happens worldwide. But the worlds problems don’t get me down, far from it. Personally I expect to continue affiliate marketing, in one form or another. It’s a gravy train that is still full of fuel, I’m here for the ride. I expect to continue increasing my revenues. I also am going to purchase at least 3 more rental properties for 2009, probably more. But, I like to be realistic with my goals, so I know for a fact that I will each them.  I reached my 2008 goals and 2009 will not be any different at all, better actually.

  1. Buy 3 more rental properties (at least probably more..), possibly buy a condo for each of my children as well. Why invest in RESP’s (registered educational savings plan), when you can buy real estate? No thanks!
  2. Keep the affiliate train rolling – mo money, mo money, mo money………
  3. Keep up my fitness routine of bike riding and more walking as well. I can’t bike right now cause of the snow but when that goes , then I’m back on my mountain bike.

On a larger scale I would like all people in the world to be happy ( world peace), but with corrupt governments in  basically every country it’s a tough goal to meet.  What are you thankful for in 2008 and what are your goals for 2009?

I’m all hears, leave a comment!!

I’m waiting……………

4 thoughts on “2008 Coming To An End, Grateful For What I Have

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  2. holymotherofgod

    There’s something concrete about posting your 2009 or annual goals online, isn’t there? Maybe it’s the public accountability (?) but i think I will do the same this year. And like Norm said, I find your blog inspiring and have for some time now. For that and many other reasons I feel much more confident moving forward in real estate investment myself.
    Here’s to a fantabulous year ahead!

  3. admin Post author

    Yes making your goals public or at least writing them down makes me personally feel accountable to actually doing it. The last thing I want to do is say something and not do it, personally I feel stupid. When I commit to something, I need to finish it. If you can’t do it don’t say you will. I know I will reach my goals, and even more. Be honest with yourself always. If you don’t really think you will achieve that goal by a certain date then change the goal! BE TO YOURSELF HONEST ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!

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