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Quick Fix For Server Model SSI.htm: has configuration information that is invalid

If you are having the following error  (see below) in Dream Weaver CS4, here is a fast fix:

the following translators were not loaded due to errors: Server Model SSI.htm: has configuration information that is invalid

I found a fix for Windows 7 users online and thought I should share it, so you can save some time.

Steps to fix this Dream Weaver CS4 Bug:

  1. The file you need to delete is called “WinFileCache-D06F2AB8.dat”.
  2. Make sure your hidden files on Windows 7 are showing.
  3. Find the file here: C:\Users\YouUserName\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Dreamweaver CS4\en_US\Configuration
  4. Delete the file
  5. All done, now leave a comment and thank me!

I was going to reinstall the whole Dream Weaver CS4 program then I thought why not check on Google for the solution, it worked perfectly and took 2 seconds. Open Dream Weaver and the problem is all gone.

Don’t you feel better now? I thought so, have a great day.

22 Responses

  1. GGGr Says:

    Thanks a lot. 🙂

  2. Jon Says:


    I changed the “page file” in windows to another drive.

    All of a sudden when opening DW, I was getting “were not loaded due to errors: Server Model SSI.htm”

    Make sure to close dreamweaver then delete the file.

    Then re-open dreamweaver.

  3. CV Says:

    Perfect, glad it worked for you!

  4. Mauricio Moura Says:

    Thank’s! =D

    I deleted the file and my DWCS4 is working now! o/

  5. CV Says:

    Awesome glad it worked!!

  6. Anil Says:

    It worked for me. Thanks!

  7. CV Says:

    right on!

  8. Jason Says:

    Thank you !!!!

  9. CV Says:

    Your very welcome!

  10. Lance Says:

    Tried several other suggestions then came across yours. Worked great! Kudos and thanks!

  11. CV Says:

    Glad it worked for you!

  12. Srinivas Waghmare Says:

    Great advice

    Very detailed

    Thank you

  13. Web-Design-Mauritius Says:

    Thank you very much. This one worked for me.

  14. Luca Says:

    ciao, problema risolto, grazie mille e saluti dall’Italia.

  15. PJ Says:

    Shoot! Except I’m on DW8 and on a Mac! :o) Have NEVER seen this error before. Any suggestions? Thanks.

  16. kanishk Says:

    thnx so mch..u r a grt help

  17. Patricia Says:

    Thanks much!

  18. CV Says:

    you are welcome

  19. Gerdy Says:

    I’ve got Dreamweaver CS5 and I’m working on a Mac.
    What should I do? Hope someone can help me.

  20. usama Ahmed Says:

    thank you very much for your help cause i was thinking of doing installation again

  21. mia Says:

    not working for me, did a search and couldn’t find anything with that file name…help???????????

  22. bossyana Says:

    good tips sangat berguna

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