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Dec 2
My Favorite IPhone Apps

I didn't make a huge post out of it, but I did get my IPhone about 3 weeks ago. I have to say that I really do love that little gadget, even though I still think for most people (myself included) it's a waste of money really. That being said the IPhone gives me access to Internet anywhere, email, take and upload videos and photos wherever I am. I have been using a few IPhone apps for photography, Twitter, Facebook, free texting and dictation.

My Iphone4 Apps:

  1. Twitter for IPhone: Years ago I bitched about the how unnecessary Twitter is, now I find myself using it daily to post my rants, thoughts and photos of fried eggs and other silly. I find it fun to post silly BS throughout the day. Now I can see how Twitter is useful, you can see real time what people are talking about, I finally got it LOL!
  2. Photoshop Express: I like touching up my photos, sharpening them to make them crisp and cropping them them nicely. This app does that all for free, LOVE IT!
  3. Facebook App: Another waste of time, but fun to be able to post photos on Facebook and my cousins in New York and Italy can see what I am doing at that exact minute.
  4. Text Plus: My data plan didn't come with free texting so I searched around and found a free texting app. You can text as much as you want with this app for completely free. It's an ad supported app so you will see ads on your IPhone, big deal though. It works good, love it!
  5. ImageShack app: I like using ImageShack to upload my photos, that is how I store them online. You can also use ImageShack to post images and videos on Twitter through their app.
  6. Four Square app: Four Square is an app that enables you to  "check in". This app can track where you are through the use of GPS and then you can use the application to check in to the location you are at. You open the app and see a list of local businesses (Starbucks, Walmart, whatever) and click check in to the business you are currently at. Yeah it's useless, but something to do while you're waiting for your appointment at the hair salon. It can post your location on Twitter and Facebook at the same time, weee. This is perfect for people who want to stalk you LOL…

Those are the apps that  I use daily. I'm not into downloading app of cats talking and all that BS. I'm more of a design type person so taking photos is my thing.

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Nov 19
Happy 40Th Birthday To Me

Happy birthday to me! My awesome wife held a surprise birthday for me and basically got me once again (same as my 30th bday). It was all on film so I thought I would upload it to YouTube. I like keeping my computer as clean as possible so YouTube is great for archiving videos, so I won't lose them.

Back to the birthday, I had no clue at all. I may not look surprised because I am usually self contained, and don't show my feelings too much. It was a blast and good to see all my friends together. I will be ready for my next birthday, don 't you worry wifey! I'm very grateful to have the family and the friends that I do. Life up to this point has been awesome, could not have expected it would turned out soo great. Cheers to the next 40 years and what it will hold!

Enjoy the video, and please laugh at my expense. A great time, thanks everyone!

C.V. (40 YRS OLD and still usually act like a little kid…)

Nov 10
FaceBook IPhone App Check In Feature Not Working?

I got my IPhone4 a few days ago and have installed a few apps. The FaceBook App for the IPhone4 enables you to "check in" with your current location like the 4Square.com idea. Mine was working then it stopped, I tried a bunch of stuff. I tried turning off my IPhone, reinstalling the FaceBook application and so on. Finally I found a solution to the stupid problem.

What worked to fix FaceBook check in :

  1. Go to settings>
  2. general>
  3. reset>
  4. reset location warnings

Other people have had success getting check in working this way:

Go to Settings -> Location Services -> Turn FB on

If either of those solutions don't work you can check here.

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Oct 24
Hanging Out In Las Vegas

I'm down in Vegas for a few more days. We ended up hiking in Red Rock canyon, which is about 20 minutes from the Vegas strip. I recommend you checking out this beautiful place. There is more to Vegas than the damn strip LOL, no one seems to understand that. Not every person who lives in Vegas lives on the strip far from it, most like to be as far away from the strip as possible. Anyways I took some pictures and a video hiking in Red Rock Canyon, enjoy.

shot up car in the desert near Lone Mountain in North West Las Vegas

Rock quarry in the desert near Lone Mountain (close to my place).

Inside a sand stone rock formation at Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon cave

Amazing views here…

In the desert overlooking a rock quarry up the street from my condo…

more sand stone rock formations

Paul pointing at McDonalds, he's a hungry boy.

profile of a face at Red Rock Canyon, Vegas

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Oct 22
Antoine Dodson, From Huntsville, Alabama

If you don't who know Antoine Dodson from from Huntsville Alabama is you are going to be finding out shortly. The circumstances around his situation aren't funny but his mannerisms and the way he explains what's going to happen to the people of the neighborhood made me piss my pants.

Anyways, check out the video below, it  Will make you piss your pants, it is way too funny. Antoine, you're one funny bastard!!

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