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You Can Call Canada Using Google Voice For 100% Free Now

If you don't know what Google Voice, it's a free service that enables you to do long distance calls throughout the USA, and now its free to call Canada. You need to be in the U.S. to use this service, it will be for Canadians in the future but not yet. Since I'm a Canadian in Las Vegas I can use the service, and I can call friends and family back in Canada for 100% free! I was paying about 0.05 per minute which is nothing, however the long distance calls to Canada would add to about $10-$15 per month. If I can save that money, why the hell not? I tried it out today, and it works perfectly.

Google Voice

Google Voice evens give you the option of getting a new U.S. phone number for free. The power behind this is that you can forward calls from your new Google Voice number to your home phone, mobile phone, work phone etc. You can add as many phone numbers  as you want, and have them ALL ring when people call your Google Voice phone. So people can tell people your Google number and it will call all of the phone numbers you have added as forwarders. There are a ton of option to choose from. You can choose to have certain numbers work only on weekends, or just weekdays and certain times of the day.

You also get free texting, and free voice mail, which is all managed online through your free Google Voice account. Pretty slick stuff.