Work At Home & Wait For The Cable Guy

Shaw Cable is coming in to see why one of the digital cable boxes isn’t working so I am at home today, waiting for the “Cable Guy”. Initially I did have Bell Express Vu however every time it rained hard, was windy or it snowed then my TV programming wasn’t available. Basically I got tired of the bugs in having a satellite TV system. Digital tv runs through cable wires so I don’t need to worry about bad reception from any satellite.

Anyways I am at home and have a few minutes to kill and had to post this photo of the little guy surrounded by his stuffed animals.

The cable guy is supposed to be here between 10 am – 12 pm it’s 11:56 right now. I wonder if he will make it on time, NOT. Luckily I can work from anywhere including my home and time hasn’t been completely wasted.

Matteo surrounded by stuffed animals

Matteo surrounded by stuffed animals

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