What’s Stopping You From Reaching Your Goals?

[ad]Easy question right, What is stopping you from reaching your goals? It can be hard to pin point but I have seen many people want to reach goals but somehow they just never happened, why? I am guilty of some of these reasons as well, so don’t feel bad.

  1. Too high of goals – It’s good to have dreams and goals but make one thing very clear, having goals that are unattainable or that you know won’t be reached are USELESS. You need to be 100% realistic, and you also need to do everything you can to reach that goal. If you don’t reach your goal because of your own doing, such as not focusing enough on making it happen then you loose out. You will loose faith in yourself and setting future goals will result in failure. Be realistic and make certain you can achieve your goal. Before you make a commitment be certain you can achieve that goal, it needs to be realistic. Making $1,000,000 by next week wont happen, so be honest with yourself!
  2. Not writing down your goals -I have mentioned writing down your goals a few times, and I will mention it again. If you don’t write down your goals then how can you know where you are going? When you get in your car, you always have an idea of where you are going, street signs and maps help to guide you along to your destination. Writing down your goals is the exact same thing. Make a list of your goals and look at it every morning, this will help to guide you in your journey. Sounds silly, but it’s not. When you write down your goals, somehow those goals will gravitate towards you, through the law of attraction.
  3. Getting distracted – I do this sometimes but I find myself wasting time and bounce back. You want to make $150,000 by January, 2008? You found a way to make this happen but then after a few weeks, you get bored and move onto something else. You need to follow through and finish what you start. Obviously you can’t or won’t be able to complete every idea or goal you have but you really need to try and do them. The more you jump from idea to idea the less chance you have of making it happen. Once you find something that you’re sure will work then follow through, DO IT! It can take lots of digging to find an idea that will make you money, so when you find it just focus on that idea and expand on it.

These are the biggest reasons people don’t achieve their goals, don’t be on of them! It’s your life, know what you want and try your best to achieve it. I am speaking through experience. This is my personal experience speaking and what I see other people doing.

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