Visa Has their Heads Up Their Asses

Visa what\'s wrong with you?I recently got a new Visa credit card and my spending limit is $15,000 per month, fair enough. I checked today and it seems I am pretty close to maxing out my spending limit for the month. I called Visa and paid the monthly amount owing which was like $13,250 or something. That way I would be able to still have room on my Visa card to pay for advertising for the rest of the month. I then figured I should increase my monthly limit. I asked the Visa representative on the phone, if I could increase my spending limit stating that instead of paying my monthly bill before it came it would make more sense to increase my monthly spending limit. I have great credit and no liabilities at all, not even one. Everything  I own is paid in full, 3 houses and my Escalade, all paid for. She states that they cannot increase my monthly spending limit for 3 months…. I was like why? “It’s our policy”, she explains, blah, blah, blah. I can understand that, but here is the funny but stupid thing and I told her this. I said, do you realize that I can apply for another Visa credit card and basically increase my monthly spending that way. Is that not stupid or what?

The reason I don ‘t want to get another Visa credit card is that it’s just more paperwork and credit cards to keep track of, but this is probably the route I will have to take. Or, I can just continue to pay of the monthly bill before it arrives and then I wll have $15,000 available to pay for ads the rest of the month.

To me that is retarded financial institutions, they have a lame rule that you can easily get around and I know they know this. BLah, whatever it seems I always have to fine some loophole to make sh*t work the way I want it to.

And the beat goes on…

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