The New Beverly Hills 90210

The New Beverly Hills 90210

The New Beverly Hills 90210

I don’t seem to watch much television anymore, everything is usually a rerun or just played out boring crap. When my wife mentioned that they had a new updated version of Beverly Hills 90210  I was stoked. You need to remember I was in my early 20s when 90210 was airing back in the arly 1990s so I was hooked like everyone else in my age group.

Well the new Beverly Hills 90210 aired on Tuesday night at 8 PM. I did check it out and it was pretty cool, for me anyways. It is filmed in the same Beverly Hills high school and yeah all the kids are driving Corvettes, BMWs, Escalades and Mercedes.

One thing I never got is how they cast actors who look like they are in their mid 20s to be highschool kids, what’s up with that?

Oh and they did have a few familiar faces, such as Shannen Doherty who played Brenda Walsh, Jennie Garth who was Kelly Taylor. Kelly Taylor now works as a teacher at Beverly High, and apprantly is a single mom. It looks like she gained a few pounds. And also the dude who ran the “Peach Pit”,  Nat (Joe E. Tat) is on the show! Nat is still running the Peach Pit, he looks a little greyer but basically he looks the same, ha ha.

Watching 90210 with some of the old cast brought me right back to 1995, it was a weird feeling to have. The funny thing is I still watch reruns of the original 90210 sometimes.

I might sound like a cheese ball, but what the hell right? Anyways it’s on Tuesday night at 8 PM….

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