The 2010 Olympics Are Almost Here & I’m Almost Gone

As Vancouver gets ready for the Olympics to start, we are getting ready to get the f*ck out of here and spend 3 weeks down south in Las Vegas. From February 10 to March 5, I will be a “snowbird”, once again. I will be watching my home town (Vancouver), from an American perspective, it should be interesting. I hear the Terminator will be carrying the Olympic torch through Stanley park in the next day or so, can’t wait to see that. Right now the Olympic torch is in Surrey and will arrive in the city of Vancouver, three days from now. Tomorrow the torch will be in New West, then through Richmond, then through UBC and finally downtown Vancouver on February 12, 2010 for the opening ceremony.


It’s the “Pink Gangster”, sporting the velvet Puma track suit, before we go for drive downtown…

It’s a beautiful city, that is for sure (especially when it’s NOT raining…). Going down Oak Steet bridge from Broadway

Caught on Burrard & Georgia, this thing is HUGE. Awesome!!

There are hundreds of Olympic vehicles all over the place. It looks like General Motors is the official car manufacturer for the 2010 Olympics.

We sat in the Escalade and had our caffe lattes, while watching Canadian Pacific freight trains roll by on a Sunday afternoon.

A shot of the wheat pool on the Burrard inlet, just off of Powell Street in downtown Vancouver

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